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This is my final post here. I've been planning on writing the past events during the last few years but I guess they're all memories. I'm too lazy and too emotional to write them. I guess this is it. The end of my school era. Do visit my new blog,

Good bye and thank you to those who have been reading my blog since the very beginning!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

The First Half of The Year Summary (Part 3)

Hello everyone. It’s been while… I promised you that I’ll write the part 3 but something came up and all. Soooo yeaaah…

I’m actually taking my trials now but I suddenly feel like writing something…

Okaaay! The story starts about when I was first introduced to TrEES or Young Voices for Conservation (YV4C). Tapi kan, I think that I will tell this TrEES story in a different post since it’ll make this post unimaginably loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

So, let me continue my next story. During our semester break (the short 2 weeks break). Mazlin, my mother, Hazarizq’s parents, Wawa and I, helped our teachers (Ckg. Zailawati, Ckg. Sarimah and Ckg. Laila) to build(?) this garden because we were participating in the Putrajaya FLORIA 2014. Tons happened. This and that. It was tiring but worth a lifetime. 

Sadly, we didn’t win anything but its okay. Competition is all about winning and losing (a loser’s sentence XD). 

During this competition, I found out that Ckg. Sarimah is going to move to this vocational school in BBST. The reason is simple; she wanted to teach fashion since her major is fashion designer. I felt sad when I heard the news.

On our last day, Ckg. Sarimah told Mazlin and I on how amazing our class is. She told me how she disliked this one batch because they’re sooo freaaaking ruuude (I despise them!) and why she liked my class. She said that our class is formal but in a good way but that other batch is formal tak bertempat. I pun apalagi, melantak terus! Ckg. Sarimah said this and that. 

During our final moments, she said this

Saya suka sangat dengan kelas awak. Especially bila kita buat Taridra dulu. Kelas awak sporting. Awak semua kena kuat tau, memanglah semua orang tak nampak kebaikan awak tapi kami, guru-guru yang pernah mengajar awak akan sentiasa menyokong awak.

I didn’t cry but TT^TT It was very touching!!!This means that there will me no moooore Taridraaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Something hilarious happened. Before going back home, the FLORIA volunteers were eating at this kedai mamak. When I entered this kedai mamak, I smiled to this group of polices and they nodded back. After we finished eating and all; when we went to the car (My car, Ckg. Sarimah’s car and Ckg. Zaila’s car), we saw this ticket with DENDA written on it. I was cursing those polices and Ckg. Zaila said that she didn’t get that denda ticket. So, we made this conclusion that those police officers didn’t denda Ckg. Zaila because she has this FLORIA pass in her car and since those polices saw me earlier, acting cute and all, they didn’t denda Ckg. Zaila XD So yg kena my mom and Ckg. Sarimahlah. Hilang $50

Btw, Mazlin and I had a sleepover during the FLORIA thingy. We were doing facials and all XD

On to next story, my class and I (obviously) were on our way back to our class from the Chemistry or the Physic Lab (I forgot) when we saw students bringing their bag and ran to get out from the school area. All we can think about was

WHAT IN THE WORLD? -_________-

And we resumed our journey to the class leisurely and once we reached our class we fool around and made these extremely loud noises. Suddenly, Fahmi (I think), went inside the class and tell us all to hurry up and pack our bags because the school is about to crumple down into pieces (this is soooo exaggerating :p) Kita apa lagilah, kelam kabut kemas bag and all. 

I was one of the last person to went outside the class since I’m a worrywart and I just have to make sure that everybody is OUT! I went out because Nana (I call Lyana, Nana now) dragged me since she was ordered by Fahmi to get everyone outside.

By then, only a few students were left in the school area and there was only me, Fahmi and Nana on the 2nd floor. Fahmi begged us to just leave him because he was waiting for Syamiel since he went missing after that particular Science subject finished. I stood still outside the class not moving even though Nana tried to drag me (I’m basically stronger than her… Duh)

Fahmi probably felt hopeless when he saw me acting like that but then Ckg. Hayati came and literally dragged me and Nana by force (I cant use my inhumane strength on my teacher!) And I literally shouted Fahmi’s name (over -_-) 

When I arrived at the school hall, I saw Syamiel and I was trying my best not to kill him since my darling ketua kelas is inside the freaking school area risking his life to wait for you!!!!! I was mortified and thank God, I saw Fahmi following behind us… Running to us actually. So that was the story of how I almost lost my school (Nothing happened. Alhamdulillah)

And a huge THANK YOU to Prem and his gang for informing the teachers that there were huge cracks in our school wall! Good job, Prem! ;)

That is all for today…

I think I have a fever (though my cute adorable tiny Koala thermometer says that its only 37.5°C)

But still!!! I have trial tomorrow!!! Agama pula tu!! Gonna find my paracetamol!

Tata ;)

Here are some photos from The FLORIA 2014 (Fahmi said that it was ugly >,<)
We're not racist! Black + White = GREEEEEY <3

Our garden during the night

Our garden during the day

Some random university's garden

In the making ;)

I present to you, The CYBERIAN REVERIE!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The First Half of the Year Summary (Part 2)

Yohooo!!! I was reading my blog posts and cried TT^TT

Whatever. I wrote some points for the first semester of school so that I won’t forget anything but it’s no use. I have no idea what the points lead too!!!!! >,<

Let’s just write what I remember.

First, there’s this Thursday where Syamiel’s acting weird and I was like ‘what the hell is wrong with him’. Then he suddenly said to Nana (I called Lyana, Nana now) that he will not come to school tomorrow, and Nana asked him why. Then he said this,

Aku ada medical check up esok.

The both of us were like hell no! Stop lying lah (this is because those who went to get a medical check up are usually going to move to asrama)

And he was like, yeah… I’m moving -_-

Lyana and I don’t really give a damn about it but the both of us almost cried the next day. Why? Well, the douche really didn’t show up. We both panicked and asked Fahmi about it. Fahmi pun apalagi, terperanjat bagai nak rak lah!!! Makin risau semua. Then, the whole class became worried. We were like freaking worried ‘cause that time, Syamiel doesn’t own a phone yet.

On Monday, we saw him and the class were like

Syamieeeeeeeel!!! Where were you?!!! We were scared to death!!!! Wuaaaaaa!!! Don’t scare us like that!!! (those reactions were PROBABLY all mine ;P)

That’s how Syamiel scared us. The same thing happens to Danial but I’ll write it in a different post.

Now let me tell you about KRS punya kenaikan pangkat.

Fahmi, Dyb, Dania, Steph, Nadhira and Danial are those who participated. Fahmi, Dyb, Dania and Nadhira become Corporal while Steph and Danial become Lance Corporal. Starting from this day on, Fahmi becomes crazy about ranks. He was boasting about how he was a corporal to me and I was like,

Dude, I’m a sergeant who’s gonna be promoted to Sergeant Major (insyaallah) next year -_-

And he looks like he’s about to kill me XD Though he was later promoted to Sergeant but that’s another story.

Next story, you know how abnormally active my friends are. So, our new class teacher a.k.a. our Math and Add Math teacher was kinda surprise I guess. The thing is, we have no idea that she’s pregnant. When we found out we were like okaaay…. We’re going to behave. But then, she didn’t come to school for quite sometime. At first we liked it ‘cause it means no Math and Add Math!!! 

But then!!!!! We found out that she had a miscarriage. We fell so mad at ourselves. Starting from that day on we acted more properly than we used too... But it only last a while… Like three months or less XD 

But we’re really sorry Cikgu TT^TT

This year(2014), I started to have classes at Shavvin’s house. Add Math class… You know, ADD MATH!!!!!! Well, whatever. After a few months, after school, I balik rumah Syamiel uools!!! LOL. Well, it’s because I have Art class every Thursday until 5 and my tuition is also on Thursday at 6.30. So, rather than going back home, I went to his house. My friends were like,

F*****g hell!!! Allya what happen to you?! You crazy b***h!!!
That’s so absurd! I know you’re bold but not that bold!

I was like, its not like I was trying to rape him or anything!!!

I guess that is all for this post. See ya on part 3!

And yeah, we have a few new friends this year (2014).

Iffa Illyana (pindah dah), Nur Fatini, Megat Nazryl (masuk around September) and Haziq Kharu (not Syahmi Haziq, another Haziq. Masuk masa final exam)

Tata ;)

The First Half of the Year Summary (Part 1)

Hi, everyone!!! Long time no see! I'm writing this at around 1 am? I'm writing this post using mom's phone (yes, I have no phone. Anyone wanna sponsor me? XD) Well, only some of the post is written using mommy's phone; it's kinda slow. (WELL ITS IS NOW 2015 XD)

I haven't write anything for quite some time now. I'm quite busy... I guess... And why did I suddenly feel like writing now is because I want to recap what happen in school on the first term or school; now that the second term is going to start in a few days.

Ok first, almost all 3 KRK are still in the same class except for those who entered 4 SC2 which is Hariz, Amirul and Wan Zahar, 4 Akaun Siti, Didiy and Marsha and here are the list of those who moved out.
1. Zakiah (Sekolah Sains Seri Puteri)
2. Izzah, Zal, Fikri (Sekolah Teknik KL)
3. Amirul (Malaysia Aviation Training Academy)
4. Amy (Sekolah Sains Perempuan Seremban)
5. Nabil (MRSM something well he was supposed to enter SAS)
6. Zan (MRSM Kubang Pasu)
7. Aisyah (MRSM Langkawi)
8. Loshini (SMK Seri Kembangan)
Fortunately, 2 of them came back, which is Aisyah and Zan. Tak selesa lah dorang katakan XD

Here are the list of our PMR result.

Straight A's
Amyza Amran
Aisyah Hairul Azhar
Ainur Izzati
Nabil Ahnaf
Danial Farhan
Nur Zakiah

7 A's 2 B's /6 A's 1 B's
Stephanee Chelvan
Nur Nadiah
Aiza Mastura
Syahrizan Syahmi
Syahrizal Syahmi
Nadhira Malisha
Vignesh Vaaran
Mazlin Syazira
Nur Izzah
Adibah Thuraya

6 A's 2 B's
Lyana Syaheerah (my forever we're-together-result buddies)
Fahmi Ibrahim
Syamiel Khuzaifah
Muhd. Nur Hazarizq
Fikri Shah
Amirul Azhan
Emir Danial
Siti Aisyah
Farisa Dania

5 A's 3 B's
Firdaus Zainuddin
Nur Marsha
Muhd. Hariz
Diyana Azizan

Our ex-classmates:
Athirah Nazari - 7 A's
Fatin Nazirah - 7 A's (I thinklah)
Yaya, Afiq, Haziq, Farah Nadia - straight A's

I'll just skip about Amy's birthday since I wrote it in my other post.

See you later!!! 'till my next post! Part 2

Tata ;)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hari Amal SMKC 2011

 I know it's late but who cares! XD

This is about the Hari Amal thingy... It was soooooooooo amazing!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Our class have did our best (eventhough mmg hancur atas tu) The parents and teachers were pleased... They like weather our performance or the K-pop... Kakakakakkakaka XD

Here is the video of our performance... My mom took only about 3/4 of the perfomance...


I accidentally read this funny post (well it is funny for me XD) It's about a school in Korea or Japan.

School A hired an American teacher(female) for the English class. On her first day of teaching, while all the other kids remained dead silent (since they didn’t speak English), Boy B(they describe him as someone cool and handsome) was excited and started putting together the couple of words that he knew in English, which is

Hey, yo, whatcha been doing! I’m thinking about you baby!

The American teacher referred him to the nurse’s office thinking that he was having a mental breakdown.
Seriously, can you imagine, on your first day of teaching, when a cool and handsome guy suddenly said that. Bwahahahaha!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Amy's Birthday!

Hello everyone! I think this is my first post in 2014. Thank God, it's a decent post XD
Okay! Where should I start?

Uhmmmm... Alhamdulillah most of us 3 KRK scored well in PMR and most of us are in the same class AGAIN.

Well, as you all know, Amy's birthday is on the 24th.Since she is moving (yes, she is moving away TT^TT) we were planning to throw her a surprise birthday party at my house but then change it to today. Why? Because my friends are all to busy to come. Huuuh....

Okay! Where was I? Oh yes, we were planning a surprise birthday party for her, but before that let's go a few days back before the party.

23rd January 2014

Today, murid warganegara will get RM100 from the government. Our class 4 SC1 + 4 Akaun was sitting in one place in the canteen. I don’t know who but someone suddenly started singing happy birthday for Amyza so everybody sang along. However, the unexpected thing is that the whole canteen a.k.a. the whole upper form actually sang HB to Amy. And Cikgu Zaweyah wishes her... Since Amira's birthday is on the 25th Hazarizq sang the whole mighty birthday song but no one actually follows so yeaah... it is kinda awkward...
p.s. Syamiel actually kissed a 3 year old girl a.k.a. Emir's Ithoughtshewashisdaughter niece. Terus tergamam budak tu! Miel, Miel.

Back to the present. We have sekolah ganti today. So we celebrate it today (apebendaakumerapunie)

Visit my twitter and see some of the pictures and videos. It's there. Even though someone actually asked me to delete his photo but hell I care. You kacau I, I akan balas 2x ganda. Hahaha XD jahatnya. Just kidding ;) Since I'm a pure and kind hearted girl (wuek!) I'll delete the photo Mr. Cursy. So be kind with me.

Here's a video that I cant upload in twitter. Amy's Surprise Birthday Party in the making ;)

Oh yes, we have new friends ma~ Fatini and Ifa.

Here's me and Fatini. She is from Penang or should I say Pulau. God she has a very ladylike voice which is so not us XD

Tata ;)